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Wellness Today offers companies, groups and individuals onsite packages, bringing spa experiences to your indoor or outdoor event.  Whether it’s a fundraiser, a party, or special event, Wellness Today Mobile can provide the experience you are looking for.

Event Massage Service
Create an oasis of relaxation and creativity in the midst of your event.  On-site Mobile Chair Massage not only helps relieve tension but can be a fantastic thank you for attendees or part of a fundraiser for your organization.  Rejuvenated, attendees will be talking about their positive experience for months.  Everybody wins!

Mobile Spa is a perfect way to treat yourself, families, or friends to the luxuries of a day spa in an atmosphere created just for you. Mobile Spa can be customized to suit your theme or special occasions by adding services. All of our massage products are professional grade, our linens are clean and our staff is incredible!  Our Mobile Spa will rejuvenate and pamper you and your guests in the ultimate luxury experience.

• Bachelorette Parties
• Birthdays
• Bridal Showers
• Conventions & Trade-Show
• Fund Raising Events
• Girls Night In
• Health Events
• Marketing Events
• Private Parties
• Restaurants
• Senior Living Homes
• Weddings
• Anywhere!

All-inclusive rates include:
•Our time-saving Online Scheduling System
•A Dedicated Account Manager
•24/7 Phone, Email and IM Support
•Full Risk Management Compliance
•Transportation to your site
•Equipment setup
•Licensed & insured massage therapists
•Professional massage chair
•Relaxing music (optional)
•Aromatherapy (optional)
•Paraffin Wax (optional)
•Heated Pillosage

Payment Options:
1. Organization pays 100%
2. Organization and Attendees share the cost
3. Attendees pay 100% of their individual massage sessions
Payment is due 3 days prior to appointment.  For your convenience we accept cash and credit cards.

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