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Wellness Today offers companies and individuals onsite packages, bringing spa experiences to the office.  Whether it’s in the privacy of your office or for the entire staff as a thank you for hard work, Wellness Today can provide the experience you are looking for.

Corporate Massage Service
On-site Corporate Chair Massage not only helps relieve tension but institutes a calm, peaceful, and productive working environment. Rejuvenated, employees finish projects ahead of schedule and work satisfaction shots through the roof. Everybody wins!  Schedule your At Work Spa Experience now!

All-inclusive rates include:
•Our time-saving Online Scheduling System
•A Dedicated Account Manager
•24/7 Phone and Email Support
•Full Risk Management Compliance
•Transportation to your site
•Equipment setup
•Licensed & insured massage therapists
•Professional massage chair
•Relaxing music (optional)
•Aromatherapy (optional)
•Paraffin Wax (optional)
•Heated Pillosage

Payment Options:
1. Company pays 100%
2. Company and Employees share the cost
3. Employees pay 100% of their individual massage sessions
For your convenience we accept cash and credit cards.

Schedule your At Work Spa Experience now!



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